to entroduce our section  


Welcome to VI-Silver's Site

     hi i like to entroduce to you our section the most noisy section of all grade 6 in south cembo makati city but some of our classmates especially me has a intelligent brain,there's a one thing in our school  that i like you to know that the all of the teacher in our school is the best teacher that i've ever known in my whole life they are:



Sir, Alejos







 hehehe this is the funniest of all,because he always mantain his record,The class record,maintaining his grades because he is always the last of all student of our section
Sheena the quiet girl in our section
Romwel my bestfriend in my section who almost make us all happy but almost all of our teacher he make the mad to us
Jhanelle 1 of the best mathematician in our section
The same just like the other one
Izabella the punks in our section she is the most courageous girl in the chikas
Ronalyn and Maria 2 of the noisy students in our section
Mary Joy the best singer in our school she is small but she has a nice voice
Beverly 1 of the noisy students in our class but she is intelligent
This is the chikas who always make our teacher mad to us
Of course Me the white one and my best friend dandoy
Ralph the dancer and Maria 1 of the Beautiful and Noisy in our section
The simple girl of our section
The mathematician of our section
The triplets our section
The adviser of our section and she is the best the teacher for us